Chapter Three: This Pigeon isn’t Going to Jail

From the band on his foot, I tracked down the person who originally raised him. She didn’t have any idea who he might belong to, but said she’d check it out. I called her again when I didn’t hear back, and this time she said, “You know, two months ago I sold a bird like that, and a red one, too, in Redwood Valley.”

She ended up calling the people but it turns out they still have their birds. Then she said, “If you want to just bring it here, I can sell him.” When I asked her how many pigeons she has, she said “more than 500.” I asked how she keeps them all, and she said in these little boxes about 18 inches tall and 12 inches wide.

That would be like being in jail!

Especially, with this bird, you can just tell that he wants to fly. When he wants to get out of the cage, he goes to the side and starts pecking to tell me he wants out. When I open the door, he goes to the window and sits there, softly flapping his wings.


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