Chapter Four- Preparing to Fly

The boys get a workout at 4 am.

I talked to a pigeon expert. He said if I decide to keep him I should get a little coup and put it out on my deck. He also suggests that I feed him at exactly the same time every day, and rattle the can when I feed him so he connects the noise with meal time. He said not to feed him prior to letting him out so he will come back to eat. And to keep him outside for about three weeks or so, until he gets used to the environment on the porch, and then he should come back to his cage when he gets hungry.

He will take off flying if I let him out, and may be gone for an hour or so, but he should come back – or he may try to find his way home.

This guy also said that hawks are terrible predators with these birds, and it’s likely a hawk chased him and got him off of a familiar path. I haven’t had a lot of luck with people, trying to get him home. I can tell he wants to go home or maybe just wants to fly outside. He flies all around the house and stops at windows, looking outside, slowly flapping his wings.

Now he gets up every morning at 4:00 am with me, Jimmy (our Cockatiel) and Pistol (our McNab Shepherd puppy). They all get along just fine, playing and eating while I work at my desk. He’s an awesome bird and someone wants him back!


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