Chapter Five: Letting the Pigeon Fly Free

Well, we’ve had the pigeon for about four months now, and I decided it was time to let him out so he could feel more free. I hate seeing any animal be penned up all the time – he is such a cool little guy with an awesome personality and so loveable. I want him to have the best life but don’t want him to be killed by a predator. So on Sunday morning we let him (we call him “little piggy”) out of his cage and he sat by the window for a while. When I opened the window, he continued to sit there for another 15 or 20 minutes. It was like he was thinking, “What do I do? Do I fly out there? Do I stay here?”

He’d look outside and then look at me and then look outside again. Sure enough, eventually he flew out the window and around the yard, flew around and around until he finally lit on the roof of the garage. He was there pretty much all day. I was whistling at him and making pigeon noises and he stayed around. I thought for sure he’d come back to the cage to eat, and he did that evening. But later when I went to close the cage, he wasn’t there.

Monday morning I didn’t see him. I walked around the neighborhood and finally spotted him on the top of a house with another pigeon. He kept looking at me and cocking his head. A couple of hours later, towards the end of the day, he was back on my garage with his little pigeon friend – I assume it was a female. They flew around and sat on the garage and flew around some more. I keep putting food out for them. But yesterday he didn’t eat any of his food and today he didn’t eat. I hope he went over to her house for a couple of days and will be back. I don’t know if she got lost and never returned home or goes home at night – she is definitely a domestic pigeon.

So I don’t know where the little guy went, but he’s not around right now. Maybe tomorrow.


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