On the Road Again: The Southern Experience

I always love hearing people’s life stories and of course I enjoy sharing mine as well.

A few weekends ago I was in Louisville, Kentucky doing private tastings and dinners on both Friday and Saturday nights. The events were hosted by long time wine club members and dear friends Mike and Debbie Edlin in their incredible, truly exquisite Southern mansion on a beautifully designed Arnold Palmer golf course on Arnold Palmer Drive. It doesn’t get any better.

Assistant to the Winemaker, Sam Cant

Mike and Debbie invited some of their closest friends and business associates to share these special evenings with me and my assistant, Sam Cant. We started each event with a two hour private tasting of some of our most sought-after wines, many of which are so limited in production that they’re usually sold out prior to bottling. Afterwards, Debbie cooked the most unbelievable dinners that paired absolutely beautifully with our wines. I felt like I was in a five-star Southern restaurant! She’s an amazing chef and they are truly a generous couple.

In fact, I don’t think anyone has experienced true hospitality until they’ve had dinner cooked by a ‘Southern Belle’ like Debbie and served in a Southern mansion like the Edlin’s. Nobody understands hospitality like the South!

In life, you never know who’s sitting next to you. I was quite surprised to discover that I was sitting between Al Gore’s cousin and the inventor of the gift card. But you wouldn’t have noticed anything different about them; they were just ‘one of us’. Isn’t that what truly makes people special?


2 thoughts on “On the Road Again: The Southern Experience

    • Mixed greens with a vinaigrette, sliced almonds, cranberries & blue cheese crumbles paired with the 2011 Russian River Chardonnay. Main course was steak, with roasted red bell peppers stuffed with mozzarella, basil and tomatoes, along with country potatoes. Paired with the 2010 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir and the 2008 Knights Valley Cabernet Reserve. For dessert we had chocolate cheese cake with a raspberry kind of jam, paired with the 2008 Knights Valley Primitivo Port. Unbelievable!

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