The Newest Addition to the Ledson Team

Taylor Lynn Ledson was born on July 28 at 10:20 pm. Wow! I had almost forgotten what an incredible experience it is to see your child being born. Every time I look at Taylor Lynn I feel like I’m rediscovering the meaning of life, just as I did with my other children.

Steve Ledson with his father, Barker “Noble” Ledson.

Taylor was stubborn; she didn’t arrive until days after her due date. We think that’s a strong indication that she is a Ledson through and through. The second she came out, she turned her head and stared directly into my eyes. I’ve never had a pair of eyes penetrate so deeply – I had to catch my breath. It was an amazing bonding experience. With blonde hair and blue eyes and that serious Ledson look, you cannot deny that she’s my daughter!

When she finally arrived, I realized how you can forget life’s best moments, the tangible sounds and touch and smells of a baby. Oh, that indescribable new baby smell – so pure and clean and unlike anything else on earth, sweet and milky. If you could bottle this stuff, people would buy it by the case. New baby smell is like a magic potion that makes you forget about everything else on earth! Even the spit up makes me smile.

Her feet are tiny and fragile, but I know they’ll eventually take her great places. And then there are the half-moon fingernails – they’re so exquisite they almost break my heart.

And when she opens her perfect little mouth and lets out that beautiful cry, telling us she’s hungry or wet, I just smile. Years from now it will break my heart to see her cry, but now it’s the most joyful thing I can imagine hearing! I can hear the Ledson spirit and zest for life in that cry.

I find myself just staring at this bundle of possibility, wrapped up in a cotton blanket, sleeping like only a newborn can. I try and savor each moment, because I know from experience how fast it really goes. She’ll be sitting and crawling and walking and running before we know it. She’ll be catching her first fish, riding her first horse, getting up on water skis for the first time, going to her first day of school, and before you know it I’ll be walking her down the aisle. But for now, she sleeps like an angel (during the day, of course) and cries at night for our love, attention, and mother’s milk.

Having a baby is a different kind of love. I can’t compare it with anything. As I said, I’ve done it before, but every time I am just as astounded by my intense, wonderful emotions.


8 thoughts on “The Newest Addition to the Ledson Team

  1. Very nicely put. What a great experience on many levels and so easily forgotten. Thank you for saharing.
    And congratulations to Amy and you.

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