Lyle: A Good Chapter

Lyle has come a long way in the last eight months! For those of you who haven’t followed his story through my previous blogs, he was on a “not so great path” when we met.

Photo by Robbi Pengelly
Courtesy of Sonoma Index-Tribune

Today, he works at our winery five days a week, and my General Manager Cat Kaiser can’t say enough good things about him. “Lyle’s my ‘go to guy’,” Cat told me the other day. “He’s gone from part time to full time and he’s really showing a dedication to the business. When we’re short staffed, he’ll come in at the last minute.  He’s fast, he’s funny, and he always has a positive attitude. When he’s done with a project he immediately asks what he can do next. He’s happy!”

Lyle does multiple jobs. He keeps the Gourmet Marketplace stocked, the cellar stocked, sets up private tastings, greets guests at the front desk, and does pretty much anything else you ask him to do. And he’s learning the business from the ground up, which is the way to start building a foundation for success.

Cat’s comments made me feel incredible. When I come to The Castle and Lyle is there, he always greets me with a big smile, loads of personality and a big hug. There’s nothing better in life than the feeling you get when you witness another person’s life growing more and more fulfilling.

As the days come upon us, Lyle and I have a lot more things to work on. But right now, in this time and space, he’s on his way to becoming a productive and content human being.


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