Count Your Blessings and Live Every Day to its Fullest

Over the holidays, we think back on the great times, the not-so-great times, and make resolutions for the next year. But sometimes we forget to focus on today.

HappyHolidaysDebby and John Silliman, dear friends of Amy’s and mine and club members for years, were at The Castle in August for a private tasting, and as always, we were delighted to see them. They really appreciate good wine and everything that goes with it. After leaving Sonoma, they went to stay in a Bay Area hotel.  While lying by the pool, as it was such a hot day, John got up from his lounge chair, and suddenly without warning, fell backward onto the concrete, hit his head, and went into a coma. He was rushed by ambulance to a hospital in San Jose, where he stayed for several weeks with swelling on the brain. Nobody was sure what the outcome of this trauma to John’s head would result in and everyone wondered if he would come out of it and still be the ‘old John’ we all know and love?

The reason I’m sharing this story with you is that we recently found out that that after six long months of doctors, hospitals and wondering what his life would be like going forward, John is finally okay. In fact, he is 100% okay. Naturally, he’s been told to take it easy for a while. In fact, John and Debby just came out for a visit last week. And they’re back to enjoying wine after a six-month hiatus!  During their visit we were able to get together and enjoy a bottle of 2008 Sonoma Valley Zinfandel Reserve in celebration of John’s recovery. And life!  John makes his own maple syrup and sends it to us every year – it’s always a highlight for us, and boy is it delicious. And we know it comes with love. John probably won’t be sending any Maple syrup this year, but I’m sure next year he will be right back on it.

Just cherish every moment, every day that you have, because you never know when something’s going to happen.  You never know the outcome – sometimes we are fortunate and other times we are not. You just never know.

We are so thrilled for John’s recovery and wish John and Debby the greatest days and years going forward. And we wish you the same.

Happy Holidays, friends.  Savor every day.